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The production of a sock

Sock design -- Sock proofing -- Hosiery body production -- Inspection on the machine -- Seam stitching -- Shaping and ironing -- Finishing and packaging Let's take a look at the workshop which produces our products,it's been another busy month,staff is hard at work ensure that the socks are finished with good quality and quantity.    

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The importance of outdoor socks

Among all the outdoor gears, sock is the one always be overlooked.Most of us spend a lot of time focusing on outdoor shoes but ignored the importance of socks.Assuming it will be alright as long as the socks are of good quality.This  is totally wrong. Every senior outdoor enthusiast will never ignore the role of a pair of socks.So what can socks do for outdoors? How do we choose the right pair of socks? Why choose the right outdoor socks? We regard socks as supporting part for a long time, because it's believed that shoes are the main protection for us when we exercise.But be aware that socks are the ones that come closest to your feet.Choosing sock improper can cause direct harm to the foot likewise.Badly fitting...

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